The Office Safety Company

Hinged Door Cabinets

A choice of single and double hinged cabinets made from tough new ABS and PE plastics. Traditional GRP cabinets are also still available if preferred.

ABS/Polyurethane Cabinets

  • Environmentally friendly - manufactured from recyclable or recycled materials.
  • Consistent, smooth finish (internal and external).
  • Will not chip or crack.
  • Easily transportable.
  • Innovative design and manufacturing process.
  • Higher impact strength than GRP.
  • Hygienic - suitable for food preparation and clinical environments (unlike GRP).
  • Suitable for wall or post mounting.
  • Toggle clamp closure mechanism.

GRP Cabinets

  • Encapsulated steel reinforcement for rear fixing.
  • Specially designed base to give safe, two-handed removal of extinguisher.
  • Polymide wing closure.
  • Corrosion resistant construction.
  • High-gloss finish.
  • Suitable for wall or post mounting.