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Personal Safety at Work DVD

Personal Safety at Work DVD

This DVD is for all employees in all types of working environments.

Personal safety is an increasing concern in and out of the workplace. Staff need to know how to feel confident and how to live life safe. This title talks to people about real experiences and how simple strategies can make a difference.


  • Introduction to personal safety: why is it important and the legal obligations
  • How to P.L.A.N for safety
  • Dealing with aggression and conflict management
  • Stress management and tension control
  • Travelling for work; driving, using public transport, staying in hotels and more
  • Dealing with incidents

If you are an employer, you are responsible for the personal safety of your staff, fulfill your legal obligations by using this Personal Safety DVD as part of your training.

Approximate length 30mins

All workplace staff need to receive health and safety training so they can understand their responsibilities. Although this is a legal requirement, the cost of classroom health and safety training may not be necessary and therefore avoided. The safety training video is ideal for subjects like manual handling and office safety and is perfect for getting the best out of your health and safety training budgets.

Health and safety videos and DVDs can be used on their own or can compliment in-house health and safety training programmes. Safety training sessions can be delivered quickly and easily with 10-25 minutes, keeping health and safety training costs low by utilising these reusable training materials. By incorporating health & safety training regimes around safety videos and DVDs, the safety message is often clearer and easier to understand!