Employment Law and Human Resources

The area of health and safety and employment law is becoming more and more complex and demanding for business managers today, so with a view to helping out with these needs, we’ve compiled a short list of suppliers (more will be added later), with some extracts from their sites to give you an insight into their services.


This website offers a large range of information and products to lawyers and business managers, and as such deserves a visit.

They say:

Welcome to infolaw

We are the longest-established UK legal resources portal and offer a range of products and services to lawyers.

Who uses infolaw?

This site is designed primarily for practising, academic and student lawyers in the UK. It will also be of use to overseas lawyers and to business managers who require direct access to UK legal materials. It is not designed to provide advice for the general public, though they may nevertheless find useful information here.

Online information

Our principal online service is Lawfinder which provides structured access to over 100,000 UK legal documents and resources. Our Weblog journals what’s new on the UK legal web. Updates cover developments in civil, family, commonhold and leasehold rules and procedures. Our Lawyers directory lists firms and chambers on the web.

Forms & precedents

We produce a range of flexible, fillable Forms in Word, supplied and updated by email. We also supply and support leading Precedents and other titles available on disk and CD from law publishers.

Publishing solutions

We provide cost-effective Publishing services to publishers, law firms and other organisations for the management of legal and business information and its publication in print, on CD and on the web.


They say:

An article about Fox Williams was published in The Times in April 1989 under the headline A Particular Approach. We use the expression A Particular Approach to characterise some of the ways in which we differentiate the service provided by our firm from that offered by our competitors, for example:

  • a greater effort to understand the business needs of our client so that we can offer practical, relevant, commercial advice
  • a higher degree of partner involvement in the work done by the firm - for our clients there is no substitute for experience
  • a closer personal relationship between our clients and members of the Fox Williams team: our clients’ affairs are not passed from pillar to post
  • a more significant commitment to achieving our clients’ objectives
  • greater recognition that time spent with lawyers means less time for clients to run their own business
  • a faster, more responsive service geared to the pace of the business world - we work to our clients’ deadlines, not our own
  • a greater degree of attention to detail in the form and content of our work and a commitment to quality assurance
  • a happier and more efficient working environment for members of our firm.

The firm’s underlying strength has always been its ability to attract people with creative flair; imagination and an entrepreneurial spirit. That’s what makes us different.

Our employment practice has an outstanding reputation in the market place.

What differentiates us is that our lawyers have a greater understanding of employment problems because we act for both employers and employees. Some law firms act only for corporate employers: the experience of others lies almost entirely in acting for individual employees.

We see both sides of an issue and are in a better position to offer practical solutions.

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Golden Handshakes - We routinely advise on the contractual, statutory, tax, pensions and Stock Exchange implications associated with the termination of employment.
  • Discrimination - We both pursue and defend claims of discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnic origin, nationality and disability.
  • Restrictive Covenants and Garden Leave - Our employment law specialists constantly monitor the stream of new cases. Being up-to-date assists us to interpret existing clauses and to draft new provisions. We review service agreements and draft staff handbooks.
  • Litigation - We have extensive experience in dealing with employment litigation in the Courts and in employment tribunals. Employment litigation can be expensive and time-consuming. Our practical experience and negotiating skills often help clients to avoid litigation in the first place. What we bring to the table is many years of experience in both employment tribunal and High Court work. At our firm (unlike many others) the lawyers who conduct employment litigation and dispute resolution are specialists in employment law.
  • Technical expertise and excellence are a given at Fox Williams. The common dominator of all Fox Williams people is the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to deliver the best service, what ever the circumstances.


This site offers resources for the business woman, and to show that they are up to date with the area of office safety, heres a quote from their site:

They say:

Bird & Bird is an international law firm which aims to provide a unique service based on an extensive knowledge of key industry sectors and legal practice. We have an outstanding reputation for innovation and developing creative solutions.

We focus on ensuring clients receive the best quality of service possible. The central goal underpinning this client care objective is that our lawyers provide commercial advice to clients which is clear and based on a real understanding of the issues.

Bird & Bird is an international commercial law firm which operates on the basis of an in-depth understanding of key industry sectors.

We focus on aviation & aerospace, banking & financial services, communications, e-commerce, IT, life sciences, media and sport.

We are proud to be working with some of the world’s most innovative and technologically advanced companies, each of which depend on cutting-edge legal advice to realise their business goals.

With offices in Beijing, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, The Hague, Hong Kong, London, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome and Stockholm and close ties with firms in other key centres in Europe, Asia and the United States we are well placed to offer our clients local expertise within a global context.

Human Resources

The area of Human Resources with its interaction with Employment Law is one area that most businesses need expert advice on, especially as now, with latest changes to the laws in this complex area, doing things wrong can be very very costly…

Again, with this in mind we’ve done some research and have found a company that is well worth a look.

They say:

We provide a complete set of online human resource and Health and Safety policies and procedures, a comprehensive HR database, unlimited advice and a free bespoke employment contract, ensuring that your business is employment law compliant. Outsource and insure all your HR and employment law worries with the liquid hr service.

It’s the Complete Human Resources Online Service

No hidden costs - all of this is included:

  • Human Resource Advisors and Employment Lawyers available for unlimited HR, legal and Health & Safety advice
  • Employment Practices Insurance - no legal fees or compensation payments to worry about
  • Bespoke Employment Contract developed free by HR lawyers
  • Human resource policies and handbook all online and interactive
  • Automatically updated as employment law changes
  • All the necessary HR forms/letters
  • Online personnel database inclusive of absence management, staff holidays, recruitment, salary, training records, Health & Saftey, mailmerge and much more
  • Unique internet delivery ensures universal secure access, no software to load and always up to date

Optional Extras:

  • For larger organisations you can add more policies
  • Face to face support on any issue
  • Bolt on a “pain free” payroll solution
  • Sector specific Health and Safety

It’s the complete human resource, employment law & employment contract solution for your business!

Whatever your human resource and employment law needs, our complete HR service allows you to manage your staff quickly and efficiently, ensuring you are legally compliant. Can you afford not to use this service?

Human resources can be time consuming and with employment law changing so rapidly it is difficult to ensure that your employee management is complying with all laws, liquid hr is the employers outsourcing solution.

We solve your HR worries by automatically updating the policies and procedures as employment law changes and by advising you whenever you need it. We take responsibility for the outcome, no fear of paying compensation or high legal costs - insurance is included.

We do hope you find these links useful and the companies helpful, but as we do not control these websites we cannot be liable for any content or information therein.