Health and Safety Training

The Office Safety company of course offers a range of manuals and booklets on Health and Safety issues, but sometimes it is necessary to get your staff trained by the experts. Today many companies offer courses in this vital area, some in house, some “public” courses. Either way they are a great way to get your staff up to date, and by so doing ensuring that your business is protected from any of the consequences of having an untrained workforce.

So with a view to helping out with these needs, we’ve compiled a short list of suppliers (more will be added later), with some extracts from their sites to give you an insight into their services.

The Health & Safety Group

The Health and Safety Group Ltd provides a wide variety of superb health and safety training courses and training products.

  • Training Products - We develop our own Health and Safety DVDs, Health and Safety Signs, Health and Safety Booklets and Posters
  • Training Services - We deliver our own Health and Safety Training courses across all business sectors throughout the UK. We also run Health and Safety Training Courses from our fantastic training suite at our central London offices.

We offer a great range of ‘Compact Training Courses’ which save you time and money - the same content in half the time …and at the right price!

We also provide both IOSH Managing Safely and Working Safely courses.

Book delegate places at our fantastic London training suite at West Kensington or book a course to be held at your premises. Contact 0844 870 8770

Training Centre Name and Address:

The Health and Safety Group Ltd
Roberts House
103 Hammersmith Road, West Kensington
London W14 0QH

Phone: 0203 5513 886
Fax: 0844 870 8771

Veritas Consulting

Veritas Consulting is a specialist health, safety and Asbestos management consultancy whose purpose is to help the owners of small and medium sized companies achieve their business objectives for improvements in their health and safety performance.

With a team of experienced safety consultants Veritas Consulting are able to do this by working with many customers in order that they fully understand their health and safety responsibilities as set down by current workplace legislation.

Their experience with working as a dedicated team of health and safety consultants with many successful SMEs has shown that the key to helping the customers is through:

  • Providing a high quality, professional service at an affordable price.
  • Implementing sensible safety solutions that are focused on delivering results through winning and retaining customers.
  • Avoiding wasted time and money on poor health and safety standards and unsuccessful safety performance.

Veritas Consulting are able to offer a range of services summarised as follows; Asbestos surveys, CDM Coordinator, Fire Risk Assessment, Training services and more…

This website offers an interesting interactive training program for a PC and is well worth a look!

They say:

e-Office Safety is a workstation assessment and ergonomics e-learning software program. Assessment of the workstation is carried out online with ergonomics training. The information is then fed into a workstation assessment database, which enables the health and safety personnel to manage the assessments and offer ergonomics advice.

From this site you can carry out your own workstation assessment, analyse the data, produce assessment reports, send follow up emails etc.


Apart from the moral obligation to ensure all employees are work in a safe environment, there is a clear financial incentive. An estimated 12.3 million working days were lost due to work-related MSDs and on average each sufferer took 19.4 days off in 2001/02.

Using e-Office Safety over conventional methods can represent savings of up to 3,000% over a 5 year period when compared to traditional methods.

They say:

iiSAFE, the most effective OSH resource on the internet. A total management solution incorporating compliance measures such as: hazard analysis, operational control, safety programs, competency training and system & procedural audits, customised to your exact company requirements, with instant access and global application.

The information on this site can help you to transform your company from one that is struggling to meet minimum OSH legal compliance to one that demonstrates excellence in its field.

Remember – When we add products, you get another solution.


The successful management of work operations requires that companies manage their safety and health with the same degree of effectiveness as they would any of their core business objectives. This necessitates an ongoing examination of performance across all key objectives to ascertain the degree of compliance and to develop subsequent improvement programs.

The iiSAFE Toolkits incorporate system and procedural audits and checklists on PC and PDA formats that have been developed to check that:

  • The OSHMS helps the organisation meet the requirements and standards of OSH performance,
  • The organisation is compliant, and
  • It is achieving its stated objectives

With the iiSAFE Toolkits companies are able to:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of their OSHMS,
  • Make recommendations for future actions, and
  • Monitor and evaluate their progress.

Expert Ease International - will provide you with the toolkit to help manage all this effectively in a way that will:

  • Improve business productivity
  • Protect your workforce, and
  • Allow you to gain national and international recognition.

This site offers resources for the business woman, and to show that they are uptodate with the area of office safety, heres a quote from their site:

They say:

Invest in office safety now

Work-place accidents in the United Kingdom are costing British businesses approximately £2.5 billion in lost trade every year, says the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

More than 24 million days are lost each year due to accidents in offices which have failed to implement proper health and safety regulations. Costs include sick pay, overtime payments and temporary replacement labour. Loss of trade and reduced production time add to the burden which many businesses experience.

Robin Jarvis, Head of Small Business Unit at ACCA, says: ‘Research shows that accident risks for those employed in Small & Medium-size Enterprises (SME’s) are higher than for those employed at larger companies due to a lack of initial investment in safety compliance. Many employers of smaller firms are unaware of their responsibilities and need to be encouraged to take a more active approach to ensuring the well-being of their workforces.’

Employers must be able to identify the main risks and take effective action to reduce or eliminate them. If sensible objectives are established and adequate funds are made available to implement health and safety policy, many SME’s will make significant savings as the risks of accidents and related costs are reduced. Government agencies must make SME’s aware of their responsibilities to ensure health and safety regulations are properly implemented. Until this is achieved, work-place accidents will continue to harm profitability in the marketplace.

They say:-

Addressing legal requirements in the UK, Prevent-IT! represents a dramatically different, interactive approach to Health and Safety training, assessment and testing for office staff.

Prevent-IT! features user interaction in immersive 3D, focuses attention on each subject area in turn, date and time-stamps reports and provides instant analysis.

Prevent-IT! Office Safety modules train any number of employees - individually, consistently, simultaneously. They advise on correct usage, identify problems particular to single members of staff or groups and are ready for use on demand. They cut downtime, as employees do not need to move away from their workstations for training.

The modules are easy to install and demand little of their delivery systems. Designed for network use, they also run on standalone systems.

In administration mode, Prevent-IT! identifies who has completed the training. The statistical analyses make it simple to identify groups and individuals who may be at particular risk, based on each individual’s very latest assessment. Previous assessments also remain accessible, and there is provision for retaining former employees’ records separately, a useful feature when claims against the employer are made long after employment has terminated. There is a robust and transparent audit trail supporting Prevent-IT! self assessment and test results.

Prevent-IT! speeds-up the delivery of Health and Safety training to office staff, makes it fit-in more easily with operational demands and underlines the Training function’s added value. Prevent-IT:

  • enables staff to quickly recognise hazards and understand the inherent risks
  • makes expectations clear, clarifies responsibility and encourages staff to take appropriate preventative action
  • means no waiting for results - employees see the same permanent record of results as does management - as soon as training has been completed
  • provides management with evidence required during inspections or in the event of unjustified claims
  • cuts the production and storage of paperwork, enabling trainers to focus on targeted follow-up training and plan the organisation’s training strategy
  • provides unlimited frequency of use and free updates within terms of licence

This company offers a huge range of training packages, including ones covering the Health and Safety. They also offer customised training packages. For a full explanation, visit their website, but to give you an insight into their products, heres an extract from their site.

Silicon Beach Training offers tailored training in a practical, economical and business-oriented way.

Training topics are continually updated and range from web & print design, programming and a full range of business & management courses.

You may choose one of our carefully planned training courses to be held here at Silicon Beach or at your offices. Training courses can also be tailor-made to your business interests and skill level.

Personal Training is appropriate for senior executives, designers, specialist managers, owners and staff of smaller businesses. Bespoke and In-company training are highly effective both for the organisation and the individual, tailored to clients’ needs and skill level.

  • All of our trainers are fully qualified industry professionals
  • Training courses are small ensuring valuable individual attention
  • We have a fully equipped training centre in central Brighton, providing outstanding training courses in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Comprehensive course notes provided
  • Training courses include practical “hands on” workshops.
  • Courses at Silicon Beach Training are written in-house and are continually updated, making sure our training courses are the best available.
  • We value and constantly review our client feedback
  • We are passionate about the transfer of skills and knowledge

We do hope you find these links useful and the companies helpful, but as we do not control these websites we cannot be liable for any content or information therein.