Office Furniture and Fittings

There is a huge range of office furniture to choose from these days, but just how do you go about selecting the right furniture for your office? With a view to helping any visitors we’ve compiled a short list of furniture suppliers, with some extracts from their sites to give you an insight into their products.

Besselink & Jones

Besselink & Jones is the UK’s leader in creating premium range hand-built English decorative lighting. Besselink & Jones have a small and experienced team of craftsmen who design and create exquisite decorative lighting.

Besselink & Jones has a charming and dedicated shop opened in Walton Street, Chelsea, offering a select collection of decorative lighting alongside beautiful antiques, classic lamps and chandeliers.

The Besselink & Jones trade showroom is in Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, the hub of the design community where many seek the perfect decorative lighting solution.

Besselink & Jones decorates the interiors and exteriors of many wonderful private homes, royal residences and other fine buildings located around the world. We believe our success is attributable to our unwavering commitment to exemplary standards of design, quality engineering and functionality.

Trade Showroom
Besselink & Jones, 1st Floor Middle Dome, Design Centre,
Chelsea Harbour, London SW10 0XE
T: +44 [0] 20 7351 4669
F: +44 [0] 20 7352 3898

Besselink & Jones, 99 Walton Street, Chelsea,
London SW3 2HH
T: +44 [0] 20 7584 0343
F: +44 [0] 20 7584 0284


They say:

Antler Desking

Through our top UK & European manufacturers, we are continually involved in the evolution and sourcing of cutting edge design. . Antlers vetting procedure means that they have been carefully scrutinised to meet all the necessary compliance that our industry demands. The result of which is that all our products are of exceptional quality and finished to the highest of those standards.

Antler Seating

We are continually involved in the evolution and sourcing of cutting edge design. All our products are of exceptional quality and finished to the highest industry standards.


The concept of lateral or system, is that steel carcases can be fitted with any combination of tambour cupboard door, drawers or flippers. this creates organised space. Additionally we have a range of caddies and lockers with models to suit every need.

Antler Security Products

In today’s working environment where technology is increasingly mobile it is very important to permanent / temporary secure expensive equipment.

At the same time ease of accessability is vital. Loss of equipment is bad enough but losing the data stored is where the real problems occur.

Bisley Office Furniture

They say:

Quality office furniture

Bisley Office Furniture is Europe’s leading steel storage manufacturer. From multidrawers to sophisticated storage systems, Bisley helps you create the perfectly organised office.One of the company’s most important product developments in recent years, Bisley’s new high-density mobile shelving system has been designed to utilise expensive floor space more efficiently, giving the end user the ability to increase the storage capacity of existing areas.

Note from Office Safety:

The site also has some interesting case studies, all of which may be useful when deciding on what types of furniture to buy.

Home Office Furniture Collection

They say:

Good computer furniture includes desks, carts or workstations, and can be executive sized, corner fitted or L-shaped. Whether your office is at your home or in a commercial building - or both, an important consideration in your pursuit of the right combination of office products is both comfort and greater productivity and organisation of your work space. There are excellent buys in the ready-to-assemble product lines that we feature on our site. Over the years, manufacturers like Bush Furniture, Sauder, O’Sullivan Intelligent designs and Quebeko have perfected the construction and delivery of these easy-to-assemble products.

Office Fittings and Design

Apart from choosing the right furniture, you do of course have to make sure that you are using your office space to best advantage. This means that you have to get the design just right and that takes skill and experience. Once the design is finalised, the next step is to make it happen and there choosing the right contractors is vital, you just can’t afford to choose the wrong one.

Some of the things involved with Office Fitting:-

  • Mechanical & electrical installation and commission.
  • Air-conditioning system design and installation.
  • Data backbone and cabling.
  • Suspended ceilings.
  • Partitioning systems (fixed and demountable).
  • Flooring (from carpet tile to marble).
  • Lighting (CAT2 louvers and feature lighting).
  • Bespoke reception and furniture design and build.

The sites on this page all offer an excellent range of services, covering all aspects of office fitting and design, and to give you a view of what they offer we’ve included some extracts from their sites:

McCarthy Group Associates

They say:-

Through close collaboration with the client and our own design department, McCarthy & Associates Office Fitout division offer flexible, bespoke solutions to all aspects of office fitting, including Reception counters and waiting areas; storage walls; media walls; internal and external feature doors and ironmongery. What’s more they have a large database of contractors and quality approved suppliers so they can offer a very high standard of service to their office fitting clients.

From planning to completion, McCarthy’s team of experienced project managers will take care of every area of your construction project. They can handle site investigation, appointment of contractors, ensure that all health and safety and building regulations are met as well as all other aspects of construction project management.

They say:

  • rethink your space - we make sure your space works
  • competent / committed / proven / experienced
  • professional / practical / personable
  • AWI are dedicated to the delivery of a quality furniture installation, reconfiguration & storage service.

AW Installations is contracted by various organisations including interior solutions companies, manufacturers and dealers of office furniture, storage and seating. AWI are dedicated to delivery of a quality service.

We have a considerable portfolio, our most notable end user clients being BP, Oracle UK Ltd, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Deloitte and Touche and The Northern Trust Company.

AWI understands that the major installation of new, quality office furniture requires a competent, specialist, committed, co-ordinated service team. Supported by a management structure flexible in their approach and operating within their resource limitations. AW Installations offers a comprehensive service to the furniture industry and end users.

Interior Systems

Interior systems cover the needs of Commercial and Industrial areas, producing:-

the best in integrated design blending the best products, technical performance, individual flair and creativity to give the best value use of space with the minimum of fuss. You will spend a large percentage of your life at work - let Interior Systems make that work space work for you.

For Commercial areas they work with clients to provide a comprehensive design which includes Landlords and other Statutory approvals, Building Regulations, Fire Regulations, Construction Design Management regulations, and Health and Safety issues. For industrial areas they work with their clients in much the same way, which means allowing the client to maximise production and storage, hence reducing overheads.

They say:

Why Use Interior Systems?

The successful design of any workplace is a combination of many things, including the work requirements, building limitations, statutory regulations and conformance to local regulations. Because Interior Systems has many years of practical experience of designing comfortable, safe, workable and legal environments in which to work, you can rest assured that by choosing us as your workplace partner, your relocation or refit will run as smooth as clockwork.

Let Interior Systems take away your problems and deliver solutions In order for us to fully understand your requirements, we will need to understand the workings of your business. To do this, we will need to make a visit to your company and take a specific and detailed brief. Interior Systems offer a package to cover all aspects within the working office, manufacturing area, or business environment, centralising on several key areas. By concentrating on successful partnership with clients, resulting in detailed design and performance criteria, we are then able to produce specific and unique design solutions. By ensuring our solutions are integrated with all authorities total compliance is assured. By focusing on the best products for our solution, complete quality value and long term performance is inbuilt. By managing construction effectively on site, all timescales, programme key milestones and completion deadlines are maintained.

Newbury Commercial Interiors

Newbury’s total “Design to Completion” package includes everything from office refurbishment and partitions to space planning, suspended ceilings, office design, decoration and furniture, lighting and air conditioning, and as they are fully independent they can source from a vast range of products and manufacturers.

They say:

Over the years we have developed a philosophy of providing solutions tailored to suit the client. Using our own highly skilled workforce, we produce high quality working environments by the careful and innovative use of design and space planning.

We like to think that our high proportion of repeat business and customer referrals reflects the very friendly and professional service we offer. Many clients come back time and time again, happy with the new look and improved functionality we have given their working environment.

We do hope you find these links useful and the companies helpful, but as we do not control these websites we cannot be liable for any content or information therein.