Serviced Office Accommodation

Serviced Office Space - A good type to choose?

So what is a “Serviced office”, well the short answer is that it is office space with services available as add ons, these ranging from secretarial services and shared photocopying facilities to full blown Audio Visual suites and better still most of the time these facilities can be bought in just when you need them.

The biggest difference between serviced and other offices is that the length of the lease is very flexible from the tenants point of view, and that all costs are known and that thus there are no financial surprises. Business centres offer short or long-term office solutions for businesses, with offices of varying capacity levels catering for the accommodation requirements of small and large organisations.

These offices are normally available immediately with a flexible contractual agreement and normally offer shared support services. Serviced office accommodation can range from pure space or fully furnished offices, which have telephones and secretarial services already in place.

Who uses serviced office accommodation and why?

Serviced offices and business centres are normally used by small start-up companies who require space from 1 to maybe even 100 people as well as the larger blue-chip companies as a temporary base for particular projects. Foreign companies wishing to seek a short-term base whilst investigating the markets they wish to operate in also consider serviced office and business centre solutions. Companies that need short-term emergency serviced office accommodation when in-between moves will also find that serviced offices are ideal. Typical sectors that use serviced office space include Information Technology, business services, and financial services. The key in all cases is flexibility, as all the companies in question really want to be able to get office space cheaply and fast and know that they can leave fast too.

Security comes as standard

No by security I’m not talking about alarms and guards (although you’ll find some offices that boast these too), but about the security of knowing that your office space is not going to be taken away at a moments notice or that company providing the offices are going to go bust. With Serviced offices you are safe, as long as of course as you use a reputable company to find and arrange for the space for you that is.

So you’ve decided on serviced office space, how do you get some?

The good news is that there are quite a few professional companies out there ( for one) that provide an easy route to serviced accommodation for the businessman, and all of them listed here offer this location service for free. Yes, the services they offer are all free, you see they make their money in the form of commission for finding tenants for business centre / office accommodation owners, the cost of office space being the same as if you bought it direct. Better still these companies really know the business and can therefore help you decide what facilities you need and which areas are best suited to your needs and more importantly budget. Office Space when you need it, fast and simple

Better yet still these companies can provide you with data in double quick time arranging for you to have a list of offices that meet your requirements online and can also set up “tours” where you can see for yourself what the offices look like and check out the facilities for yourself.

Some words from the sites we are linking to from this page:-

Office Broker

Free Search for UK and London Office Space

Office Broker is a FREE and easy to use internet search facility with full UK coverage. Office Broker specialise in finding Serviced Offices, Managed Offices and Business Centre accommodation. This FREE service will enable you to find a huge choice of serviced office space solutions throughout the UK. View office photos and descriptions now!


Flexioffices can locate immediately available serviced office accommodation in prime locations or your local area anywhere in the UK. Whatever your business, Flexioffices can find you the perfect workplace solution. Space in an instant. Flexioffices provides a comprehensive and up to date listing of the available serviced offices and business centres across the UK and the city of London. We are the first choice brokers for serviced office space in offering quality and credible advice based on your individual or client’s needs. We understand that each business is different and so is their strategic direction.

MWBEX Serviced Offices

MWB BusinessExchange (MWBEX) is a leading provider of serviced offices, serviced office space and virtual offices in 30 plus prime locations throughout London and the UK. Our offices offer immediately available, fully furnished serviced office space with flexible lease terms. In addition to cost effective serviced office space, our office centres provide fully equipped meeting & conference room facilities , virtual offices, hotdesking and videoconferencing - all with full support services and an advanced technological infrastructure

Instant Offices

Serviced Office Marketing

Our core business is to provide a marketplace for the serviced office sector allowing occupiers to view the whole market and make comparisons as efficiently as possible. Users can search our database online and view virtual tours, maps, availability data, costs, building descriptions and local area information. The service is free because the serviced office operators pay us a commission for the successful introduction of new business.


We aim to represent the industry as a whole - assisting the office seeker to find office space by providing a high quality, informative and COMPLETELY FREE search facility, and impartially promoting each and every Serviced Office provider.

We do hope you find these links useful and the companies helpful, but as we do not control these websites we cannot be liable for any content or information therein.