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£71.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £85.44)


Lifting and manual handling is one of the highest risks in work environments. It is essential to inform your staff about safe lifting and manual handling basics. This fantastic title is superbly presented by 'Jet' from Gladiators and gets the manual handling message across in an engaging way

Helps protect your staff and your business!

Use this DVD to train your staff in safe lifting and manual handling, this title actually makes manual handling training interesting!!

Approximate running time: 25 minutes

£319.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £383.04)

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Contains the following individual DVD titles

  • Introduction to Health & Safety
  • Office Safety Essentials
  • Manual Handling Essentials
  • Introduction to Fire Safety
  • Fire Prevention
  • Extinguishing Fires at Work
  • Fire Evacuation

£79.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £95.04)


This superb DVD is suitable for anyone working in any organisation (healthcare or otherwise) where moving people is part of their work. This title will show you how to move and handle people with minimal effort, greater comfort and dignity (with and without the use of equipment!). It will also ensure that you look after your back and that of patients or residents. Total Running Time = 68 Minutes

£71.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £85.44)


An engaging and lively approach to office safety! This DVD title shows common areas of risk in an office and how to prevent accidents occurring. This Office Safety DVD is of a high standard and covers the topics in an interesting way. It is about the right length and has a good pace so that people can focus throughout the DVD. Running Time: Approximately 25 minutes

£71.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £85.44)


This fantastic Introduction to Health & Safety title provides staff with concise introduction to major health & safety risk areas. This title is ideal for induction or refresher training for all types of businesses.

Very well delivered and great value" - R.Wells, Training Coordinator

Running Time: Approximately 26 minutes

£239.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £287.04)


Get the four fire safety titles and three health & safety titles and SAVE £234!

£47.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £56.64)


Part 1 of 4 Fire Safety at Work DVDs - 'Introduction to Fire Safety' is a great induction title that provides staff with a basic understanding of the nature of fires and basic fire safety requirements. Running Time: Approximately 8 minutes

£47.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £56.64)


Part 2 of 4 Fire Safety at Work DVDs 'Fire Prevention' - this title shows in graphic detail how fires can start and spread. It also provides key information on fire safety precautions that all staff should be aware of.

Running Time: Approximately 8 minutes

£47.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £56.64)


Part 3 of 4 Fire Safety at Work DVDs 'Extinguishing Fires at Work DVD' - This title shows staff how to use basic fire fighting equipment in the workplace AND which extinguishers should be used for which fires.

Running Time: Approximately 9 minutes

£47.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £56.64)


Part 4 of 4 Fire Safety at Work DVDs 'Fire Evacuation' - escaping fire is one of the most critical aspects of fire safety. This title provides key information on how to follow fire evacuation procedures to ensure the safety of staff and their colleagues.

Running Time: Approximately 7 minutes

£119.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £143.04)


Get the below FOUR fire safety titles in one DVD and SAVE £87!

£109.00 + VAT (incl. VAT: £130.80)

  • DVD F28DVD

This expert title covers the essential duties of the Fire Warden in terms of fire prevention, drills and in the event of a real fire. Clear and concise information for new and existing Fire Wardens.

Running Time: Approximately 26 minutes

£99.50 + VAT (incl. VAT: £119.40)

  • DVD F37DVD

Fire Risk Assessment at Work guides staff in their legal duty of carrying out fire risk assessments. Also helps staff in the essentials of hazard spotting and reporting. Essential guidance that helps both employers and employees comply with risk assessment legislation.

Running time: Approximately 20min

£103.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £123.84)


Office Safety Essentials (Multi-Lingual) DVD

This title demonstrates common areas of risk in an office environment and how to prevent accidents occurring.

£103.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £123.84)


Introduction to Health and Safety (Multi-Lingual) DVD

This fantastic Health and Safety Awareness DVD provides a superb induction to all the major health & safety risk areas. 18 languages included!

£103.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £123.84)


Manual Handling Essentials (Multi-Lingual) DVD


Anatomy of the back / Making an assessment / Lifting techniques / Lifting aids and equipment / LITE Assessment

£159.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £191.04)


Get FOUR fire safety titles in one! This title is the complete fire safety video training programme for staff.

Contains the following individual fire safety DVD titles: Introduction to Fire Safety, Fire Prevention, Extinguishing Fires at Work, Fire Evacuation

£47.20 + VAT (incl. VAT: £56.64)


If your organisation employs Teachers, Nurses, Carers etc, then this two DVD course is for you.

If your organisation employs people who have a 'duty of care' towards residents, patients, these staff will need knowledge in breakaway techniques.

All workplace staff need to receive health and safety training so they can understand their responsibilities. Although this is a legal requirement, the cost of classroom health and safety training may not be necessary and therefore avoided. The safety training video is ideal for subjects like manual handling and office safety and is perfect for getting the best out of your health and safety training budgets.

Health and safety videos and DVDs can be used on their own or can compliment in-house health and safety training programmes. Safety training sessions can be delivered quickly and easily with 10-25 minutes, keeping health and safety training costs low by utilising these reusable training materials. By incorporating health & safety training regimes around safety videos and DVDs, the safety message is often clearer and easier to understand!